Framing the perfect wedding photo in China

I was reading this interesting article today in Wired about the Chinese holiday Island of Hainan. The Island is a place for urban Chinese to go to seek out some blue skies and some beaches. It is also a popular place to get married.

Norwegian photographer Cicilie Andersen has a book called Escape The Smog where she went to Hainan to take photos and document life on the tropical Island. One photo that stood out for me was this shot of Chinese couples all crowding on a popular beach to get the perfect wedding shot. Their photographers working hard to capture the magical moment and framing it so they look like the only people on the beach.

Wired magazine explains the scene; Luhuitou Park, a hotspot for wedding photos. Hundreds of primping brides dotted the coastline, flanked by bridesmaids, grooms, makeup artists, and photographers. “Couples were running around everywhere, having the most intimate moments of love, surrounded by hundreds of people doing the exact same thing, and trying to have their photographers frame them alone,” she says.