HuffPo Weddings: “41 Non-Tradtional Wedding Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To”

The Huffington Post had an article in their wedding section about the non-traditional procession song. I guess to help get those creative juices flowing to go off the script when it comes to picking a song to walk down the aisle to.

Not a bad listicle I guess… to be going out-of-bounds when picking a “walk down the aisle” song, I’d just recommend looking into your own song book, and finding a song that has meaning to you and your partner. Getting away from “Canon in D” is easy enough and as I tell all any wedding couple, there are no wrong answers.

My wife and I got married in Las Vegas, and to be honest, I don’t really remember what the “walk down the aisle” jam was. Probably some canned, classical music.

I feel like, as long as the song speaks to you, and your partner, then it is the right song.

If that song is Toto’s “Africa,” then so be it.