You know what’s party? Back sweat. Back sweat is party

I was DJing a wedding the other day. It was a pretty chill affair. Maybe 60 people and the dancing never got to heated. But there was one dad there, with his two daughters. The girls weren’t very old, tween. He was in 40s. He was having the best of time dancing with his kids. I noticed that he was sweating a bit and it inspired me to tweet out, “You know what’s party? Back sweat. Back sweat is party.”

I loved watching this Dad give it all to have fun with his kids on a Saturday night at a close friend or family member’s special day. The man wasn’t too worried about how he looked, and let all the stresses of judgement escape him to be present in the moment.

When you are dancing so hard, and twirling your kids around so much that the cardio goes up….that’s party.

I had to share with the party master Andrew WK, and he tweeted back!

andrew WKIt was an inspiring wedding party moment. I had to share it with the king of party!

Go with yourself. – Jeremy