Using your favourite band to inspire the floral arrangement


Amazing heads up from my radio friend Madeline over at CBC Victoria.  She shared this link from a design blog that posted about a flower arrangement inspired by Band of Horses most excellent 2006 record Everything All The Time.

READ Author SarahB’s Sound Garden: Everything All The Time

A big part of any wedding reception is floral arrangements.  How wonderful would it be to theme the floral vision of your wedding after a favourite band, album, or song?

SarahB created an arrangement based on a favourite record of both myself and my wife Coral.  We love this album and have been fortunate enough to see Band of Horses in concert a few times.

The arrangement is based on the ancient looking forest depicted on the cover.  The seen reminds me a lot of what we’d discover trekking through the bush on our Island.

The blog post takes you through a step-by-step process of playing with the colour green, ferns, mosses, and flowers.

What a fun project inspired by and amazing album.  Though Band of Horses might not be your pick… I am sure you have an album or band that could shape your wedding reception.

Go with yourself. – Jeremy