the SpinMobile

I went to the mainland on the weekend to bring my daughter camping with Grandma and Grandpa.  While there, my folk’s gifted me with their old mini-van.

That’s right, Spin The Black Disc has a SpinMobile!

Its a 1998 Dodge Caravan or Voyager… can’t remember.  This beast is just shy of 200,000 km but runs great and will be a huge benefit for hauling gear to DJ weddings and DJ events!

Currently me and my Mrs. share a Jeep.  And though I love the Jeep; it can be a tight fit packing my sub, speakers, lights, cables, stands, turntables, change of clothes and ME! into that thing.

Not to mention, my poor wife is without a car and I have to take the car-seat out with all the gear.  Friends reading this blog post thinking of getting married… have two cars.

Friday I make another capital investment… speakers and a choice sub.  I think I’ll need to rent a storage locker as running the business out of our little condo will be impossible and create new stress with all the gear in our bedroom.

Looking forward to Marc and Kara’s wedding, a wedding iPod playlist for Jax, and V.I.C. Fest this weekend!

Go with yourself.