Mixtape>> for Coral… Paper

On Monday, my wife Coral and I celebrated our one year anniversary!

We were sitting around a day or two before and Coral said, “One year is the paper anniversary.”


Turns out every year has a gift associated with the year… and year number one, is paper.

We are working people and don’t have a lot of money in the bank.  We decided to forgo presents… seems silly to dip into “our” money to be each other, stuff.

But I still wanted to do something.  I had been working on a mixtape for Coral but after she said, ‘Paper’ it helped gain a little focus for how I wanted to present some music for her.

Coral mainly listens to top 40 radio, so I like to find some music that she might not necessarily know, her old fave bands with new music and stuff that might work with her top 40 tastes.

I jammed out a mix for our big day (October 11th) that dwelt apon thoughts of “paper,” “October,” “Las Vegas (we were married at the Flamingo),” “Rain,” “Romance.”

If you are interested in hearing the final mix, have a listen by clicking the link below.

Mixtape>> for Coal… Paper


We ended up taking a day trip to Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island and listened to the mix on the drive up… in the pouring rain.