Lake Wedding

The life of a Victoria wedding DJ.

Judy and Kent got married on the beach in beautiful Shawnigan Lake.  It was so hot.  I loved it.  Lake living is the best living.

These pics I snapped with my Blackberry… they do no justice to how stunning this reception was and how perfect Shawnigan Lake is.

Pretty darn close to 30 degrees on the lake at Shawnigan.
Looking across Shawnigan Lake from the beach.
The head table.
When its a billion degrees and a wedding on the beach, you need a beer truck cooler. Even "cooler" if its fine local brew.
My Numark NS7 all set up and the party about to get under way under the tent. (well I am set up under the blue sky)
The best night pic I could get. The tent was huge so I shot one Revo 4 at the roof and a Revo 3 on the dance floor.

I was talking to DJ Clinton a couple weeks ago about wedding DJing and some great advice he had was making sure your DJ area looks neat.  Deal with that mess ‘o’ cables that will conjugate around the DJ.

I’ll want to get a plain white table cloth… which I know sounds mundane, but it’ll really clean up the look of my DJ area.  then I’ll want an LED light to shine behind me.

I think before I buy speakers, I might buy lights and rent speakers.  I want to put together a quality light show that I have more control over.  The speakers are pretty basic and easy to rent (Plus big and I don’t have the space for them in my condo right now).

Just a couple little things I am thinking about as I get ready for my future weddings this August.

Go with yourself.

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  1. on a mad wedding locale search – what venue was this? On the lake yes, but was it at a resort or vacation home….any info is appreciated!

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