Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” as a Wedding First Dance or Processional Song

Christina Perri’s 2011 love song, “A Thousand Years” is proving to be an exceptionally popular song.  The song was first made famous on the soundtrack of Breaking Dawn part 1…part of the Twilight franchise.  The song is used during the credits (which is a shame because it would have slayed during the actual wedding scene).  The song has been viewed on Youtube over 158 millions times.  Check it out.

I’ll often hear the song as a first dance or a processional piece.

If you’re thinking of utilizing the song for your wedding but maybe delivering it in a subtle fashion, check out this beautiful instrumental cover by The Piano Guys.

Another direction might be to pick a different Christina Perri song from her discography.  The easy spin on “A Thousand Years” is… “A Thousand Years (part 2)” from Breaking Dawn part 2.  Neat.  Same basic song with a re-recorded vocal and the addition of a male part.

One of my favourite Christina Perri songs sounds like it was written to be your first dance cut!  Check out “Penguin.” (read the lyrics here)

Love like this may come once 
Baby it’s fate 
Like a soul mate he’s your penguin 
Baby it’s fate 
Baby it’s fate 
Not luck

So pretty.

Now…if none of that is working for you, you can always grab the Iron and Wine song from the wedding scene.

Go with yourself. – Jeremy