Sculpting your wedding soundscape

F. Scott Fitzgerald said during Prohibition, “The parties were bigger…the pace was faster…and the morals were looser.”

The colours are picked, the flowers arranged and mood agreed upon. It is time to give some thought on how you might use music to tell your story and set the tone for your night.

Music is a powerful form of motivation for your event.  Music can be used to slow down, speed up, bring energy, or lend a perception to your party.  In this blog post I will talk about using music as a time machine to transport your guests to a 1920s Speakeasy.

Phillip Kotler coined the phrase “Atmospherics” in his 1973 paper “Atmospherics as a Marketing Tool.”  He was talking about the complete environment a brand or store provides for their guests.  The details.  Throwing a wedding reception can borrow from these retail ideas.

As you plan your wedding, you are thinking about what story you want to tell.  You choose the colours and decorations to reflect a theme.  The food and drink, the venue, and the dress code all tell your guests what the party is about.  Music is an important part of your wedding atmospherics.

A popular theme couples tell me about is a vintage or cocktail lounge vibe.  Especially early in the evening before dinner and just after diner.  With the beautiful old-world style of Victoria., getting the right physical place is easy.  Pairing that cocktail hour with a sophisticated cocktail or wine is part of that.  Keeping that party on the rails continues with the music and should be as thoughtful as all the other details.

Arini and Kim talk in their 1993 paper “The Influence of Background Music on Shopping Behavior;”

“If consumers associate wine consumption with prestige and sophistication, then Top-Forty music may provide an incompatible cue, communicating, as Konecni (1982) suggests, a more common, less refined environment. This explanation suggests that retailers should devote considerable attention to the symbolic meaning underlying each purchase experience. If consumers are seeking sophistication, then in-store cues must suggest, and even facilitate that experience. The same holds for other sought shopping experiences like excitement, relaxation, etc.”

The paper says that music is a social cue that can enhance the environment you are creating.  For this blog post I have created a playlist of music that I believe will transport your wedding back to roaring 20s, Prohibition style, speakeasy.

Some bouncy clarinets, a blend of period songs matched with contemporary artists covering the songs of the time are what fuels our audio Delorean.

I hope these songs will help you travel back for your classic Speakeasy style cocktail party.

Whatever the theme or the goal of your wedding reception is, there is a musical genre to help you complete your wedding atmospherics.  Have fun exploring!

Mixtape >> Blind Tiger by Jeremy Baker on Mixcloud