A beautiful Ocean front Wedding in Victoria

The first wedding of the season felt really good.  I had the opportunity to be part of Chelsea and Trent’s wedding at the Laurel Point on the harbour in Victoria.  What a perfect location for an urban, ocean front wedding.

Chelsea and Trent couldn’t have had better luck on an April day in the Capital.  The ceremony had to take place out on the patio.  The couple really wanted to have a unique song to walk down the aisle to.  They selected a piano solo version of Meat Loaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love (but I won’t do that)”.  They were really excited on this Youtube version and asked if I could rip it off the internet to make an MP3 then come early to play it at the ceremony.  Bingo-bongo mission accomplished.

Sounded spectacular and really spoke to the unique style of this couple.

They enjoyed a plated dinner which looked classy and the party raged beginning at 8PM.  Once again, Trent and Chelsea went back to Meat Loaf.  During their address to the guests they ended by repeating their vows which some people had a hard time hearing then punched right into a “skit” reciting the spoken word bit to a Meat Loaf song.  They then wanted me ready with the song to play with that skit edited out.  They came back out to the patio for a gorgeous first dance under fire light as the sun set on the harbour.

The party went inside and raged right to time at 1AM.  Then a few songs after that!

A beautiful first wedding of the season. Thank you Chelsea and Trent for letting me be part of it.