First Dance Songs

My wedding season has wrapped for the most part in 2011.  Wow, what a great summer of events.  Aside from a little rush in December and a rare November wedding, I am starting to focus on summer 2012.

As the season progressed, I feel like I picked up a considerable amount of wedding knowledge and each wedding went a little smoother than the last (at least to me in the A/V department).

One aspect of each wedding that I always enjoy and look forward to is the “First Dance.”  The first dance is a special and beautiful part of pretty much every wedding I DJ’d.  Actually, I can’t think of a wedding… that hired me as a DJ… that didn’t do a first dance.  Occasionally, I’ll meet a couple and we’ll be mapping out the entertainment and they’ll consider skipping the first dance.  The first dance is a fairly traditional element, couples might feel awkward on the “stage” with everyone watching, someone (or both) just aren’t dancers… the reasons why someone would skip it make sense.  But I always encourage couples to battle through that anxiety and try to do something special.

It can seem daunting to pick just ONE song to be the first dance.  Now that is something I understand.  I’m a music person and having to select just one magical song would be paralyzing to me.   Especially if you and you’re better half don’t have that song that bubbles to the surface and you both sing in unison, “EUREKA! That’s it!”  People still say eureka right?  No… just 19th century gold miners?

If it doesn’t come that easy for you, a few ideas to find a consensus would be to remember back to some great memories then try to recall the soundtrack.  Maybe a song from the go-to make-out jam record you always threw on.  A CD that lived in the car deck on the drive to California. A song that seemed to play in EVERY club during your week in Mexico.  A song from the first concert you went to together.

I created a couple playlists with some songs used by couples as their first dance.

First Dance Songs Part 1 is a collection of songs I sourced by going on my facebook and asking friends to recall their first dance songs.  I end the podcast with a song that I’d chose if I had had a first dance (I got married in Las Vegas, no dancing at my reception) .

Mixcloud >> First Dance Songs Part 1

First Dance Songs Part 2 had me sifting through emails from the weddings I DJ’d recently this summer (2011).  These songs were all first dance selections.  I end the podcast with the song my wife Coral would have chosen as our first dance.

Mixcloud >> First Dance Songs Part 2

There you go… I hope that if you and your soon to be married lover are brainstorming a first dance song and you stumble on my blog you’ll now have some ideas.  If you have some questions or anything, just leave a comment or find me on facebook and leave a note.

Go with yourself.