One month, three days

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas ’round the old Baker Homestead.

My wife Coral, our daughter Madelyn, and I decorated the Christmas tree last night.  (I know, we’re mega nerds).

Its helping me get in the spirit for the Christmas Party DJ season which for me (this being my first as Spin The Black Disc) is shaping up.  I am more or less sold out for December and New Years… so if you found my blog looking for a DJ, thank you… but uhhh, I might have to recommend a friend DJ company.  Email me, and if I can’t do, I know great DJs in Victoria that can.

New Years will be more than savage.  I’ll be DJing at the Veneto Lounge in downtown Victoria.  Get involved now. Even if you didn’t want to party with me, they have a great room rate.  You can stay downtown in a romantic room after whatever you do.

Depending when the party in the Veneto wraps, it’ll be off to Sugar to close down The Zone @ 91-3’s Daniel Wesley party.

Hope to see you party monsters somewhere this holiday season.

Go with yourself. – Jeremy